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The Hilton Times Square, New York

My whole life I have been filled with the ultimate desire to travel the world. I can’t think of a time someone said “Let’s go check out this place” and I didn’t get swarmed with excitement. I am all for commitment – however – I have never been able to commit to one post code, although my home town will always be a place like none other, I can’t help but think about every other undiscovered place in this world that I want to see. It is said that you only have one life – and while cat’s are lucky to have nine, if you do it right one life is all you need. As my friends always say #OLLI which stands for “One Life, Live It”


As a little girl I dreamed of The Big Apple. All I ever spoke about was how I wanted to finish school and move to NYC. I remember telling my mom that if I ever traveled overseas, I wanted the first place I go to , to be New York City. And I made that dream come true on 21 July 2016! And ever since then I have never been able to let go of the wanderlust that revealed itself within me.


I landed at JFK International Airport, myself and a friend were on the same flight and we took the subway to New York City. We passed through the towns I’ve heard songs and read books about like Long Island and Queens. We eventually reached the subway drop off point in New York and little did I know the enormous world that was waiting just a floor above me. I had a MASSIVE suitcase that for the life of me , could not carry up the subway staircase (there were no escalators or lifts). I stood there trying to figure out how on earth I was going to get this luggage all the way to the top of about 20 stairs in the blistering heat, when a gentleman offered me help, he seemed friendly and trustworthy so I accepted his help whilst we both carried my mother-load of luggage to the top.

This was taken the moment I just got  to the top of the staircase from the subway. This was my very first picture I took of New York City !

Huffing and puffing while I put my bags down, I stopped dead in my tracks. Slowly I lifted my eyes and devoured the sight that stood before me, as I raised my head to my very first glance at NEW YORK CITY! The air was warm and even slight breezes of wind felt like a heater blowing hot air onto me. The sound of cars constantly honking and the “hustle and bustle” of the city is something that I can still hear in my head when I think of New York.


I spent the most glorious two weeks of my life in New York and Orlando Florida experiencing life on a whole OTHER level. I needn’t even explain how exhilarated I felt when I stood at the very Top Rock of the Rockefeller Center at midnight in complete awe of where I was in that moment, as you can imagine.  By the time I returned to South Africa, I felt differently about my life, I felt like I had left a great piece of my heart in this city. To be honest, I could write for hours describing every detail of this place and how traveling has enriched my life, opened my mind and heart – I think I might write a book eventually but I’m working on that 😉

Walt Disney Swan Resort, Orlando Florida – 8pm night swims with this stunning sunset, and did i mention this photograph is unedited  *dreeeaamyyy I know*

I learned to broaden my horizons, widen my eyes, and mindlessly let change happen without forcing it. I learned to be patient in a way that could have never been installed into me through the discipline of my mother – the kind of patience where your face doesn’t even give way to a raised eyebrow when someone pushes in front of you in a line… because in the back of your mind you calmly remember that you don’t necessarily have anywhere to be or anyone to see anyway. Despite being raised in a Christian home, I learned to understand different cultures, religions and mannerisms – and thus I learned tolerance too. I looked at the world through new eyes and all I want to do is see more! The travel bug bit me and I am so glad it did!

New York City – you will always have my heart!